I wrote no less than four different ways to say ‘hello’. I thought I was a ‘hey’ kind of person, but I guess you never know until you try.

My name is Ishani Jasmin. You can look at the artistic things I do here, and listen to the things I do here. I also make zines, sell my art on the internet, take photos occasionally, and make bummer playlists. I’ve put out two books in the past year,

If you’re looking for stuff I do professionally, here’s a gentle list. I:

  • run a book drive for London’s homeless (if you’d like to donate, contact me)
  • run creative community events to help people with their mental health (if you’d like to book me, contact me)
  • design and implement low-cost wellbeing strategies in universities (open to working with other establishments)

In my spare time, I swing dance, boulder, ice skate, sing for the LSE Chorus, make stuff, rollerblade, and swing from indie press section to indie press section.

That’s my cursory List O’ Stuff I Do. Here’s the real deal.

I take seeing a dog as an unequivocally good sign. It’s very confusing, because I see a lot of dogs. When I was a kid, I learnt to ice skate semi-professionally because I thought Olympic skaters were very pretty, but since I wasn’t one of those dance prodigy kids it wasn’t too long before I was thirteen and seeing literal babies pull more midair revolutions than me. I quit skating for a long time, but came back to it when my boyfriend broke his leg on Valentine’s Day (swings and roundabouts). I play a lot of guitar in my bedroom. My fun fact at icebreaker events is that I want to play every instrument in the world (I’ve given up on the aspiration and settled somewhere between twenty and thirty – I’m currently learning the harp. It’s left me callused).

I try to be brave. It’s hard, but I’m trying to inherently learn that a rejection isn’t the worst thing that can ever happen to me and does not reflect negatively upon my worth as a person. I spend a lot of time thinking about baby protagonists who are braver than I think I could ever be. Also, comparing myself with people and sort of trying not to (it’s a bit like picking a scab, I think).

Why did I start this blog?

The short answer is, I sort of thought I should start a blog that wasn’t just for my creative stuff. But really, I figured, I’ve done a lot of stuff, and spent a lot of time reading the reviews for things. Mental health is a challenge, and a journey, and I am a very destination-oriented person, so that makes it pretty hard. I find myself reluctant to drop time and money on things if I don’t know they’ll help me. But most of my efforts have been a leap of faith, effectively – and if I make the effort so other people don’t have to, that’s good enough for me. So that’s what here is about – me testing stuff so that you know what you should give a shot.

But everybody is different?

Yeah, I’m not gospel, I’m just trying things and giving insights into them. In terms of quantifiable information about my personality – I’m a strong INFJ, and a type 2w3 enneagram, if that helps you any.

I have another question?

Well, hit me up!

Reading notes:

This site is split up into sections:

  • Book Club – I write about books that I’ve read that are about mental health, psychology, general self-improvement.
  • Working On It – I talk about the process of working through courses, whether self-help or otherwise. Week-by-week progress.
  • DIY – Something you can try out yourself, and how it’s worked out for me.
  • Retrospective – I review something I did a while (a service, course, talk, whatever), how I remember it, how it’s worked for me since. Courses, retreats, therapeutic techniques, etc.

Happy reading! x